The platform also has an option for filtering by category, color, season, video/photo size, orientation, time of day, and author. At this stage, the site is in English only. Word search works when the search location is spelled correctly. Locations are also available in the form of tags in the filter menu.

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Yes Frame allows the creative team to check the quality before purchasing any video or photo by providing free downloadable samples in real resolution and compression. Each video sample is protected by a watermark and is provided in the maximum resolution available for a given product. Additional protection for video samples is their provision in a playback format of 1 frame per second or 1 second of the content. This allows for quality checks, the ability to make color adjustments, create color profiles that can be transferred directly to the purchased footage, noise levels in the picture, etc. Preview files are suitable for pre-assembly and are also watermarked.



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Samples are also available for photo and mobile products. The maximum available resolution and format (tif or jpg) for a given product are again provided. They are protected by a watermark and a chess pattern.

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The video player on the platform has the option to change the playback speed so that each footage can be tested on the site in order to facilitate its future use in editing at a different playback speed than the original.

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If provided by each author, the products also have an integrated map showing the approximate location of the captured area or object.

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Yes Frame offers the option to pay by card, bank transfer, PayPal, and prepaid deposit (Deposit in My Wallet).

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Yes Frame offers different sizes of video or photo footage – from Full HD (1920×1080) to 5k/6k and up for videos and from 2.5MP to 18MP and up for photos.

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